Kim-from-L.A. Literary Publicists was founded in 1985, and since then, Kim has had the great pleasure and honor of working with literally hundreds of authors and writers, from first novelists to best-selling authors, literary non-fiction, self-help, memoirs, celebrity autobiographies. She has been the West Coast publicist for Addison-Wesley (which later became Perseus Books), the West Coast publicist for Hyperion, and she currently handles all West Coast publicity for Warner Books as well as for Touchstone, a divisions of Simon and Shuster. Her client list is extensive: just click on Kim’s Client List to see all the wonderful names you will surely recognize.

After years of handling national and local publicity tours, Kim would continually discover that all her clients, no matter how accomplished, fantastic and professional they were, needed guidance and coaching on how to most passionately and concisely talk about their books. The biggest challenge for all of them was how could they, in five to seven minutes, deliver their message eloquently and clearly and “sell” at the same time. That’s when Perfect Pitch Productions was founded – the media training company Kim-from-L.A. Literary Publicists formed with actor, director and improv teacher Bill Applebaum. Bill and Kim through Perfect Pitch have media trained authors, speakers and experts in all areas to help them prepare themselves for their book tours and speaking engagements. The motto for Perfect Pitch was “It Takes More Than a Great Idea, It Takes the Perfect Pitch.”

Perfect Pitch Productions was rolled into Kim-from-L.A. Literary Publicists, which is now called Kim-from-L.A. Literary & Media Services. We are delighted to provide everything under one umbrella: the finest publicity services as well as the most fun, dynamic and unique media and presentation training. We are thrilled to be able to offer our authors not only the best publicity, but also the confidence and skills they need to be fabulous guests on television and radio.

At Kim-from-L.A. Literary & Media Services, we can take your great idea—whether it is in the form of a book, lecture or presentation—and help you to focus it, shape it, and deliver it with passion, excitement and clarity, whether to a reporter, in front of a camera, or to a live audience of thousands. We help you to create your own self-assured style, eliminate any fear of public speaking, and demonstrate how you can “own and control” your interview.

The services we provide are separate. You can hire us strictly for literary publicity or just for media training. Or, of course, for both! We invite anyone to give us a call at 323-655-6023, or to email us at kimfromla@earthlink.net to find out how we can help you with whatever you might need.

As literary publicists, we tailor our campaigns to suit your needs and your budget. If you’re looking for media training, our approach is always friendly and positive, building on strengths by eliminating weaknesses. When we are finished, our clients are always confident in their ability to be credible, persuasive and in control in any media or speaking situation. We are proud to say that anyone we work with learns how to communicate with integrity, confidence and ease.

Kim’s book, LIFE IS A SERIES OF PRESENTATIONS, published by Touchstone, continues to sell, helping people everywhere with their presentation techniques.

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