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On episode 76 of the WRITER 2.0 Podcast A. C. Fuller speaks with Kim Dower.
Kim is both an esteemed poet and the founder of Kim from L.A., an author publicity firm that has worked with many top authors and celebrities in fiction and non-fiction, including Paulo Coelho, Robert Bly, Paris Hilton, George Carlin, Peter Fonda, Brad Meltzer, and many others. Kim read two of her poems for us and opened up about her writing process, but first we discussed: What authors need to do to connect with audiences and sell more books; How authors can prepare for their first interviews; Living in LA vs. living in NYC; What kind of of authors have the most difficult time talking about their books; How to use anxiety to “power up” before an interview or public presentation;
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Kim Dower: Founder, Kim-From-LA: Trust Your Instincts & Wear a Fabulous Outfit!
In addition to her work as a literary publicist, Kim Dower specializes in media training and coaching authors, speakers, and experts of all kinds how to best present themselves to the media.
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Reading Under the Covers
Commentary on writing, publishing & a bunch of other stuff
Bella Stander's Blog recently reported on Kim's Dower's presentation, "Platforms to Pitches: The Best Way to Sell Authors or Books to Agents, Publishers, the Media, and the Consumer!"
from Reading Under the Covers
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When Public Speaking is Enemy #1 - Erika Prafder article on public speaking features insights from Kim.
from Entrepreneur.com
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Dateline BEA: We Are All Marketers Now - Ron Hogan' Blog about Kim and being a marketer.
from Galley Cat
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Speaking Up - Kim Dower says that speaking publicly could be the way to sell your product, if you can conquer your fear of it.
from the New York Post
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Voices on Writing: Kim Dower - Barbara DeMarco-Barrett interviews Kim-from-L.A.
from The ASJA Monthly
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Throw the Book at 'Em - More authors are finding publicists to pitch their wares
from Arts Section, San Diego Union-Tribune

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Life is a Series of Presentations - Kim-from-L.A. on creating a presentation
from ASTD Interchange
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A Moment with Kim Dower - A brief interview with Kim
from Seattle-Post-Intelligencer
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