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"I can't recommend Kim-from-LA highly enough. Quite simply, I adore her. She is enthusiastic, hard-working, innovative, and willing to pull out all the stops to help her clients grow. Most importantly, when I hand my publicity needs over to her, I don't have to think about them again. I can just do what I do best--write books--and let her handle the media, reviews, interviews, and tour events. I feel incredibly grateful that she is part of my fabulous publishing team.”
Kristin Hannah, New York Times #1 Bestselling author of The Nightingale and The Great Alone

“Kim Dower’s pre-media coaching is indispensable. She effectively refines my message and polishes my technique in a way that bolsters my confidence for the scores of print, radio, and television interviews I do when I’m on tour. I’d hire Kim even if I weren’t going on tour.”
—Robert Crais, bestselling author

"Let me put it simply:  Kim from LA is a master.  Incredibly resourceful, amazingly well-connected, and most important, one of the most caring and hardest-working people in the entire book industry.  Sure, every publicist knows the best shows and stores.  Kim knows the people behind them.  Make no mistake, that's the difference.  She never, ever, ever gives up -- and that's why she gets books on the bestseller list."
—Brad Meltzer, bestselling author

"Kim Dower is the hardest working freelance publicist I know. I can't think of anyone better to hire for help on a campaign.”
Dori Weintraub, Vice President, Publicity, St. Martin's Press

"Kim is not only brilliant at nailing why your book is unique, she executes a winning plan using panache, brainpower and unflagging enthusiasm. I wouldn’t dare embark on a publicity campaign without Kim in the lead."
Kathleen Sharp, Award-winning journalist, author, Mr. & Mrs. Hollywood: Edie and Lew Wasserman and Their Entertainment Empire.

“I’ve published 15 books over the course of 25 years, and I can say without reservation that Kim-from-LA is one of the best publicists in the business. Smart, creative, organized and supportive, Kim never fails to go the extra mile on behalf of her authors. My books have sold well because of Kim’s tireless efforts on my behalf. There is simply no one like her.”
Karen Karbo, In Praise of Difficult Women

“I’ve had the pleasure of working with Kim for a number of years. She continuously impresses me with her creativity, passion and persistence. You WANT Kim promoting your books!”
Ann Day, Senior Director, Global Communications, National Geographic

"Kim-from-L.A. has made a remarkable difference in our authors' ability to promote their books."
Grand Central Publishing

Kim-from-L.A. is the very best representative you could have for your book. Her ideas are brilliant and creative; her follow through magnificent: we can’t imagine launching a book without Kim-from-L.A. She was always on our side, believing in us and in our work, getting us the best interviews, the best media coverage, the best book events. Everyone takes her calls, even Queen Elizabeth or, more importantly, Costco. She is trusted, respected, honest, straightforward, funny and wise. And her media training is superb. She and her partner turned two slouchy, unfocused neophytes into Barbara Walters and Diane Sawyer.
Jennifer Kaufman and Karen Mack, authors of "Literacy and Longing in L.A."

"Kim-from-L.A. is superb as both a media trainer and a publicist. She
not only helped make my books bestsellers, but she
also taught me how to get the most out of my media appearances."
—Gary Small, M.D., Director of the UCLA Center on Aging; author of The Memory Bible, The Memory Prescription and iBrain

“Kim-from-L.A. goes way beyond polish or spin. Kim’s coaching will help you get straight to the essence of what you want to say and show you how to say it best. She’s a powerful ally, whether you’re a first-time novelist or a veteran bestseller. You can apply the principles she teaches in hundreds of ways, every day. Very highly recommended.”
T. Jefferson Parker, bestselling author

"No one in this business is more hardworking, imaginative, straightforward, industrious and fun to work with. I (and my family) have been with Kim for years. We wouldn't have anybody else!"
Carolyn See, bestselling author, Book Reviewer for the Washington Post

"I met Kim not long after I started my radio show "Writers on Writing" when Kim contacted me about booking her authors. She had the right mix of persistence and charm, without being pushy, and we hit it off. Later, when my book, PEN ON FIRE, was published, she booked me on a TV book show, and offered solid advice on promoting my book. Everyone I know who has worked with Kim loves her."
Barbara DeMarco-Barrett. Author, PEN ON FIRE (Harcourt, 2004) and host, “Writers on Writing,” KUCI-FM

"For those of you that think we don’t have hurricanes in L.A.—think again! For this first time author, publicist Kim-from-L.A’s gale force winds of communication, blew from Hollywood to Times Square. Her energy, insight and media-savvy contributed greatly to paving the road to my book’s success!"
—Steve Hodel, international-bestselling author, "Black Dahlia Avenger: A Genius for Murder"

"Given the emotional nature of my book, I needed a media adviser who would spend time understanding the issues and formulating a sensitive but powerful strategy. Kim-from-L.A. went above and beyond with her personal touch to translate my voice to a broad audience with a vision that I was comfortable with and one which was both truthful and respectful of the book".
—Lt. William Keegan, author of "Closure: The Untold Story of Ground Zero"

"After spending more than a decade interviewing people, I was skeptical about media training. But Kim turned my head around. She pushed me, challenged me, and forced me to figure out who I was, what I was about, and how I came across. In one day, she quite literally changed my life and saved me from embarrassing myself in the unforgiving reflection of the television camera lens."
Neil Strauss, New York Times bestselling author of "The Game"

“Kim Dower is the best friend your book can have. She understands publishing, the market, the book stores, and writers. She guides with dignity and integrity. She did what she promised. I avoid endorsements, but this one I make without hesitation.”
Michael Tolkin, "The Return of the Player"

"I met Kim Dower four years ago when I was co-hosting a daily talk show on CBS-2 called Women2Women, and she bugged me just about every single day to get one of her authors on my show. When I needed to hire a publicist for my own books, the choice was easy -- I have never seen anyone work so hard for his or her clients!"
—Kelly Lange, bestselling author of the Maxi Poole mystery series

"Kim Dower gave me my Los Angeles launch, getting me publicity, interviews, bookings and buzz I could never have achieved on my own. Not only was she unflaggingly enthusiastic, dynamic and well-connected, but she sat down with me before important interviews to hone my message in ways to set me apart from the pack."
—Denise Hamilton, bestselling author of "Last Lullaby"

“Kim-from-L.A. Literary & Media Services does the job. Kim helped me to focus and develop my ideas, and gave me the confidence and technical advice I needed to be my best. I recommend her to anyone who needs to address the media.”
Howard Schultz, Starbucks

"Kim has done nothing less than elevate my career to an entirely new level. Her wisdom, passion and insight has been a key ingredient in helping me to achieve my dreams."
—Alan Lawrence Sitomer, speaker, author (Hip-Hop High School, The Hoopster), Inner-City High School English Teacher in Los Angeles

"I had a lot at stake when my book was published.  I wanted the book to succeed.  That the book was a great success is in no small measure a product of the extraordinary guidance I received from Kim.  Kim is – to put it bluntly – a genius.  She knows good material, knows how to focus it for the markets, and is relentless in helping her clients.”
—Steve Wick, Pulitzer-Prize winning journalist; author of Bad Company—Drugs, Hollywood and the Cotton Club Murder

“Kim can see the heart of an author’s story and knows how to bring it out in an interview. She understands the kind of rapport that’s involved in making an interview truly shine. Her professionalism and intelligence are always reassuring in this high pressure business.”
—Amy Salit, NPR’s “Fresh Air with Terry Gross”

"Kim-From-L.A. works magic with our authors."
Marcia Burch, Vice President, Director of Publicity, Touchstone Fireside Howard

“Kim’s coaching, insight, and encouragement made all the difference. I feel confident, and get a ton of positive feedback all thanks to her!”
Sally Hogshead, Radical Careering

“I cannot thank Kim enough for her help and guidance in preparing me for my future interviews and for creating a video clip that communicates my message in a much more appealing manner than I could have ever come up with on my
own. She is the best!!”
Dr. Elizabeth Roberts, author of "Should You Medicate Your Child's Mind? A Child Psychiatrist Makes Sense of Whether or Not to Give Kids Meds"

"I was more nervous about media training and going on television than about anything else I've ever done. Kim-from-L.A. took me from scattered, to focused and confident, all in one day -- amazing! I feel like I could go on the air tomorrow with confidence and grace."
Cynthia Shapiro, Author of "Corporate Confidential: 50 Secrets Your Company
Doesn't Want You To Know -- And What To Do About Them"

“Their media training is fantastic, fabulous, fun, invaluable! I wish I’d done it a lot sooner. I dread thinking of how my interview on the TODAY show would have gone had I not worked with Kim. It’s so helpful to not only see yourself on tape but have someone point out what you’re doing right and/or wrong. ALSO, GETTING SOUND BITES WAS SO HELPFUL!”
—Laura Numeroff, "If You Give a Mouse a Cookie" series

“Kim is so gifted at what she does! Kim helped me share my book widely with a range of different audiences—to get its promotion on track. Kim taught me how to focus my message during interviews to really connect with people from the heart. I can’t recommend her enough!"
Elizabeth A. Stanley, PhD, associate professor of security studies at Georgetown University
author of Widen the Window: Training Your Brain and Body to Thrive during Stress and Recover from Trauma


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